Member Profiles

Irina Andrianova, a competitive Junior Shooter at Southport Masters, is

has been in Germany competing in the Junior World Cup (a precursor to the

Olympics) in both the air and sport pistol categories.  The USA Junior Team

consists of 25 members, of which three are young women pistol shooters.  There

are 38 countries participating in this event. Follow her progress by clicking here.

Irina is also a member a the Arlington international Airgun Club located in Arlington

Heights, IL.  Irina finished 36th out of 78 in Air Pistol, 30th in Sport Pistol and earned

a Silver Medal with her team in the Air Pistol Competition.

Congratulations to Irina and her team in the Junior World Cup!

Chris Johnson, High Master Conventional Pistol shooter, promotes the

shooting sports by running Bullseye Shooting seminars and coordinating

competitive events.  Chris is also a member of the Lead Slinger club in Illinois.

Chris Johnson -- 2005 1st place Civilian Champion and 3rd place

National Pistol Championship

Chris' Report:

    Camp Perry was a lot of fun for me.  Just a little more fun than the 2007 I shot

at Valparaiso, IN on Sunday on my way out to Camp Perry.  I was doing well and

finished with a 2652 (98.2%) for my first time over 2650.  That was pretty cool.

    Anyway, the Nationals also went very well.  Just to get even with me for firing

my first 2650 score, the Pistol Gods had me shooting next to and scoring GSgt Brian Zins USMC (six time national champion). 

Rimfire day had the Masters shooting at 7:30 in the morning and the conditions were perfect; overcast and no wind.  I shot 886-43x which was good enough for 4th in High Master Civilian.  Winning score was SSgt James Henderson USAR with an unbelievable 897-60x.

     Centerfire day had he Masters shooting at 1:00 pm and the wind was howling.  I was fortunate enough to shoot some good slowfire targets and finished 3rd overall with an 873-39x.  Winning score was 878-43x.  Great scores of such windy conditions.

    On .45 day, the Masters shot at 9:30 am and the wind wasn't bad at all.  I knew at that point there was a group of about five or six shooters in contention; Zins, Henderson, John Ennis (all service) and Jerry Chaney and me (civilians).  I did OK and shot an 878-36x.  Winning score was Zins with an 885-30x so I knew I was near the top.

     Zins finished as champ with a 2645-111x, Henderson second with a 2637-137x, and I was third with a 2637-118x.  I also ended up the Civilian Champion.

Making Master in One Year

Dan Gutknecht, right, placed 14th Master-Civilian in the NRA Open

Conventional Pistol (Sectional) in January 2009.  Dan has also been taking Top

Gun Trophies in the club's pistol leagues.  Congratulations to our actual and very

own "Southport Master."