Zins/Moody Bullseye Pistol Clinic

     Southport Gun Club along with the Chicago Police Department Shooting Team sponsored a two-day Bullseye Pistol clinic on two occasions.  Leading the clinic were GySgt Brian Zins and GYSgt Andy Moody, both USMC (retired).  Zins is the 10-time National Pistol champion.  Moody, (former Chief Instructor for the USMC wrote the book on Marine Pistol) is also a competitive shooter and runs Sharpshooter Training in Virginia.

    Participants came from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana for two days of classroom and range instruction.  After reviewing the fundamentals of competitive pistol shooting, the clinic moved into more advanced techniques and individual coaching during live-fire drills on the range.

     Officer Tara Poremba, fro the Chicago PD, coordinated the first event and Chris Johnson, a High Master shooter and active Southport Masters member, organized both events and served as Range Safety Officer.

Chris Johnson: Bullseye Shooting Masters Class

This is a four-hour seminar style class with hands on firearms coaching on our range.  It is designed to teach Bullseye Shooting techniques and strategies, addressing specific problem areas associated with effective competitive Bullseye Shooting.  The class also covers proper gun care and reloading basics.  The class is taught by Chris Johnson, High Master Shooter, Distinguished Pistol, Distinguished Revolver, 2650 shooter and Southport Masters Club member.  Please check our calendar for up coming seminar dates.  The class is open to the shooting public interested improving their competitive Bullseye shooting skills.

     Competitive shooting is the reason Southport Gun Club, Inc. was founded in 1954.  Initially designed as a rimfire rifle range, Conventional Pistol was soon added as a main competitive sport.  Southport members take the indoor shooting sports seriously.  we regularly participate in Range Operations and Safety seminars and shooting sport clinics for ourselves and the community.  Many of our members are NRA certified firearms instructors who are willing to volunteer their time to help firearm owners be secure and confident in keeping their guns.

Personal Protection Academy

     Six Southport members recently secured concealed

carry permits after attending instruction from Michael

Bender of Personal Protection Academy at the club.  Our

meeting room and range are often used to provide a place

to learn and is a "good place to shoot."

    In addition to annual Wisconsin Hunter Education

courses, the club also assists with Boy Scout, Rifle

Shooting Merit Badge training and practice.  Courses

in Pistol, Rifle, Home Firearms Safety, and Personal

Protection in Home have been provided from time to time for interested groups.

Firearms Training