Indoor Shooting Competitions


Southport Gun Club offers an official 50-foot indoor range with pneumatically controlled turning targets.  The range has 10 firing lanes with both overhead and floor mounted lights for target illumination.

The range is designed for official Conventional Pistol and Rimfire Rifle  Competitions (.22 caliber).  The pistol course of fire is generally termed "Bullseye."  Shooters use one hand and stand in the "off-hand" position, and although traditionalist shoot strictly with iron sights, telescopic sights are permitted in Bullseye.  Many advanced shooters use electronic red dot type sights.


The club generally sponsors two Conventional Pistol, aka, "Bullseye" handgun competitions each year.  Both are NRA sanctioned.

The January NRA Indoor Sectional is a .22 caliber RIMFIRE event.  90 rounds

are shot as described in the "LEAGUES" link.  Team matches are often included

for additional awards.   

        Click here for the 2020 Sectional Match Brochure


SOUTHPORT MASTERS is offering our OKTOBERFEST event again in 2020. It is a Conventional Pistol 1800 two gun NRA registered match.   This year OKTOBERFEST was held (dates to follow) for the Conventional Pistol (Bullseye) match. For more information about our matches or to register contact

          2020 Oktoberfest brochure pending

SOUTHPORT is hosting the 2020 Wisconsin State Indoor Pistol Championships on April 17th, 18th, and 19th, 2020.  Also called "1800's," this competition includes 90 rounds of rimfire and 90 rounds of centerfire.  The possible perfect score is 1800 points.  Official individual NRA indoor classifications apply for sanctioned competitions.

          Click here to view the 2020 Match Brochure.


Match fees TBD.


SOUTHPORT offers Smallbore Rifle (.22 caliber) leagues and competitions.  Leagues are held on Thursday evenings from September through April. Our teams compete in the NRA Postal shoots as well as state competitions.

SOUTHPORT is hosting the 2020 Wisconsin State Smallbore Rifle 

Match on March 28th - 29th.


SOUTHPORT also sponsors NRA Postal shoots and other "FUN" competitions to keep the sport fresh.

Rim-Fire Rifle Fun Match

SOUTHPORT will be hosting a rifle rim-fire fun match in 2020. Watch the site for further details. This match is designed so the participants can use their non-competition grade rim-fire rifles as a fun-based competition. 

Registration details to come.


Affiliated Matches

Details pending for the Wisconsin State Outdoor Open Pistol Championships.