Indoor Pistol and Rimfire Leagues



The range features automatically turned targets at the 50-foot mark.  Firing cadence is controlled by a range officer (usually a participating club member) as prescribed by the NRA rules for Conventional Pistol Competitions.  Participants score each other's targets.  Each target holds a possible 100 point score.  Very few shooters ever get a perfect score.  Handicaps are calculated for the league scores.

Leagues are funded separately by and for the benefit of the league participants.  League fees ($35.00 for members and $100.00 for non-members) include targets, awards and a banquet.



on Thursdays during the Fall and Winter season.  Competitors

shoot here and at other ranges in the region during a 26-week league.

The league fee is $5.00 per weekly match for Southport members

and $7.00 per weekly match for non-members when shooting at our

range in Kenosha.

The course of fire includes 10 rounds each in prone, sitting, kneeling
and standing positions.  10 minutes are allowed in the prone and sitting positions and 15 minutes in the kneeling and standing positions.

The team is looking for new shooters, especially young people, to join them.  For more information about our rifle team and leagues, please contact the Rifle Team Director at


League Banquets

Both the Fall and Winter Leagues are concluded with an awards banquet and to share the fellowship of the club's members with each other.

Precision Bullseye Pistol League Award Banquet - April 21, 2024


SOUTHPORT sponsors two pistol leagues each year.  The FALL RIMFIRE LEAGUE runs from mid-September through mid-December.  Participants shoot 90 rounds each week.

.22 Caliber revolvers or semi-automatic handguns are permitted.  Most shooters choose semi-automatic target models.  Four matches are run each week, consisting of:

  • SLOW FIRE -- two targets, 10 rounds each, shot in 10 minutes each.
  • GALLERY, also called National Match Course (NMC), three targets, one each SLOW, TIMED, and RAPID for a total of 30 rounds.
  • TIMED FIRE -- two targets, each shot with two strings of 5 rounds in 20 seconds.
  • RAPID FIRE -- two targets, each shot with two strings of 5 rounds in 10 seconds.

The 2023 RIMFIRE League begins on September 12th.  To register please contact us at

Fall 2023 .22 Caliber Bullseye Pistol League Program

The WINTER CENTERFIRE LEAGUE begins in January and runs approximately 13 weeks.  It consists of one rimfire gallery and one centerfire gallery (10 rounds each of SLOW, TIMED, AND RAPID fire).

Centerfire revolvers and pistols are limited to ammo and loads listed in the "MEMBERSHIP" link.   The 2024 Centerfire League begins on January 7th, 2024, with a practice/registration week.  

To register please contact us at

                  Click here for the 2024 Winter Centerfire Brochure